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Profesyonel kadro
kaliteli hizmet
anlayışı ile

Warehouse Dictionary


It refers to a building (store) for storing merchandise. In addition, the fee paid to store merchandise in such a place is called “storage charge”.


It is the name given to a flat plate on which goods are placed on. It is generally made of wood. Standard Euro pallet size is 120 cm x 80 cm. However, the pallets other than this size may be used.


It is the process to specify the type, variety and quality of the goods to be stated before declaration.


It is the process to control type, quality, age, etc. of the goods after declaration.


It refers to machines propelled by electricity, tube or diesel for hoisting and transporting cargo/goods by means of steel fingers inserted under the load.

Pallet Truck

It is the name given to manually operating wheeled vehicles used for handling pallets.

Open Shed

It is the name given to a structure often open at sides or end built for protection from rain and sun.

Weighing Scale

It is a weighing instrument based on a lever or spiral spring.